2015 Nov Online Conference

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716   2015.12.12 06:07



Nov. 2015 WSBT World Online Conference

on google hangouts




The recent activities and News of the representatives.
The status of the CRPD in their own countries.



<Palestine>Palestine participant achieved her works last month.


<Kyrgyzstan, Germany>We met the president of the NGO in Kyrgyzstan who couldn't attend the last assembly in Korea.

We heard the issue of refuges with disabilities in Germany.


<Laos​>Hardship of getting education in Laos for girls with disabilities.


<Philippines, Cameroon>Implementation of the CRPD in Philippines. Happy to let all of the audience listen to her voice for this time
We met the representative of Cameroon who couldn't attend the 3rd assembly, but attended the 1st assembly.



Some participants sent us the personal video recordings


You can download the script for the video of representative from Vietnam


Waiting for the access for her video





She introduced the website http://www.diwa.ws/ 



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