2016 May Online Conference

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May. 2016 WSBT World Online Conference

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Pros and Cons of Education programs by running [Government or NGO or Government+NGO] and better suggestions for making up for the cons

1. Are there any Education programs or vocational training centers that women with disabilities can apply in your country?
*1-2. If there are, who/which runs them? (NGO/Government/NGO+Government)
*1-3. Are they effective for supporting women with disabilities practically? Tell us the reason why.

2. Pros and Cons of Education programs or vocational training centers for women with disabilities by running​ [Government/NGO/Government+NGO]
*2-2. What would be the ideal way for running them?

3. Are you or your organization willing to engage in the international trade for raising the fund for supporting vocational education and sustainable jobs of women with disabilities?

*If the answer is ‘Yes’. Your organization need to negotiate the privilege with your government for women with disabilities like free-tax/reducing-tax and so on.

*What is your opinion and advice for it? (Refer the following e-mail for more details about it)




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