2016 Apr Online Conference

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Apr. 2016 WSBT World Online Conference

on google hangouts  






Education regarding the types of disabilities (hearing/sight/physical/development, mental)”

Refer to your country’s status,

1. The actual condition(situation) of Education for each types of disabilities in your country. (for example hearing/sight/physical/development, mental)

2. What is your opinion and advice for that if we-women with disabilities all over the world- work in international trade together for supporting vocational education and sustainable jobs?

3. What are the popular imported Korean goods you want to treat in your country?(ex. Korean cosmetics, used smartphones, particular food) / What are the good exporting products to Korea for international trade?






We had a bad connection.
You can see the pictures of crafts from Nepal which were made by Nepal women with disabilities at the bottom.


You can see download the script of the representative from Vietnam.




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