2016 Jan Online Conference

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Jan. 2016 WSBT World Online Conference
on google hangouts 


The level of education for women with disabilities by their ages.

We still got the bad connections with some participants





The connection was really bad, so we only recorded our voices.

<Dominican Republic>





You can download the Script of her video recording from attachment.


We didn't have any script and subtitle for this yet. but she sent us her video :)
It's really good to see her again.

The Representative from German sent us news,


I am very sorry, but tomorrow afternoon I am going to a meeting with deaf refugees. Here in Germany is an organization which is focused on women with disability and is more political active.Maybe you are intereset in contacting them? The website is in German, but I if you write them a mail they should be able to give you information in English about their work: http://www.netzwerk-behinderter-frauen-berlin.de/

​ We got happy photo :) of Ludyt Ramirez from Venezuela





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