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2015년 10월에 온라인 컨퍼런스 진행합니다.

Greetings from WSBT, The Women Striving for Brighter Tomorrow in Headquater in South Korea.
We appreciate your responses from last contact.
We would like to act on the plan for the Online Conference.

We will hold the online conference once in a month for one year.
For a conference topic of each month,
please read the 12 critical areas from UN Women The Beijing Platform for Action +20 (
And we will focus on the CRPD (The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities). (
And new waves for disabilities and women as well.
The topic could be changed flexibly.
We wish the online conference is always open to new ideas and new ways for making better connections and better movements.

The Announcement for the Online Conference in October, 2015.

1.    Date & Time

27th – 29th, October. 3 times in one day, for 2 hours each.

One participant will attend for 2 hours each, on the date according to the group where you belong, and each participant can speak for 10 minutes.

We formed groups by the time zone. Every participant will have the conference meeting after 9 a.m. in your local time, (sorry for some participants who will have it in their lunch time.) and one group has 6 to 8 participants except us. please check again your local time is right or wrong in the table.

Group members can be changed. If the conference time is not available for you, you can change it.
If you would like to change the group, please let us know which group is suitable for you.

We need to make sure for group members before we have the online conference.
We have a limitation for using this video chat. That offers the service up to 10 people only at the same time. That’s why we set the group in a few numbers of members, so 9 people except us can join at the same time.

Let us know whether you can attend the conference or not.

2.    Program & Devices

We are planning to use ‘Google hangouts (’.
We can talk with video chatting here. It has a function of recording, we would like to post up the records after you on our website.
If you participate the conference it means you agree on posting your recording to youtube and our website.

You need a decent internet connection, a computer and a webcam and a mic – we can’t support for the devices. (A webcam can have a mic as well, or a headset with a mic is nice.)
You can also use the application called ‘Google Hangout’ on your phone as well. If you don’t have a computer with a webcam and a mic, you can use your smart phone.

Please use earphones – any earphones (like earphones for your phone) would be fine -instead of speakers, it will really howls if you use speakers while we talk with many people.

Go to the link above (Google hangouts) and check the program works. And please join in Google if you don’t have any accounts. Usually, you have a Google account while using Android OS for smart phones. Please send your google account ID.

And we know some countries cannot use Google services.
So please click the link above - Google hangouts. And check it is available at your location.
If you cannot, tell us right away. We are also thinking about setting another group and using another program-called skype- for those who cannot use Google.

Our Google ID is ‘’.
We would like to open a test chatting room all day long on 26th. You can test that it works well or not before the conference.

3.    Topic

At the first online conference in October, we would like to get feedback regarding the 3rd Assembly. Also, we would like to listen to your opinions and ideas regarding online conference.

In 10 minutes, please tell us.
1. Short instruction of yourself: name, nationality, disability, job and career.
2. Feedback of the 3rd Assembly: how we can make a better world assembly.
3. Ideas and advice for the conference: recommendable topics, effective ways.

And after all speeches of all representatives, we would like to have a time for Questions and Answers to each other for the rest of time.

4.    Notice

We got requests from some participants.
If you need to ask us to send a memorandum to your embassy for helping you get the decent internet connection for 2 hours, please let us know.
If you tell us you need it, we will send the memorandums to the embassies and make contacts with them.

For participants who cannot hear or see or speak English, you can be with a company for helping you. Keep in mind, you only have 10 minutes. We are always open for better ideas regarding participating the online conference.


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